This is Soft Kitty’s Sheldon, a cream and white boy. He has the most endearing snorting purr and is a big snuggle bug.Sheldon lounging on the sofa.















This is Mithrandir, our new boy. A big thank you to Lynda Jay at Serendipity Ragamuffins for this lovely fellow. Randi is a blue and white tuxedo, all dressed up to impress the ladies.



Soft Kitty's Diego



Now retired – This is our first Stud-Muffin Diego. He’s a large, handsome natural mink and white fellow. He’s  enjoying the life of a spoiled couch cat.





SproutNow retired  – This big red guy is Sprout. He started out so small, then grew, and grew. He is a big cuddly marshmallow of a cat and has gone to live in the BC Sunshine with his little brother.