Here we have the force that truly rules our house Fiona, aka Big Red.





skye1skye2Skye is a seal point calico and white. She has a cheeky, playful streak to match the one on her nose.






Betta is my dog-cat. She follows me to bed each night for a petting session.





2014-05-07 18.11.36

2015-08-22 16.53.42Rosalee is the sweetest girl. She’s so gentle and such a flirt that everyone falls in love with her.






2014-06-21 17.35.512015-07-11 16.32.58Harlequin aka Harlie is a very pretty calico. She’s always been a princess.





satine-smThis is our cinnamon Selkirk Rex girl Satine. She has a squeaky little mew that she uses to great effect when asking for tidbits.